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Laurence N. Kaldor
Laurence N. Kaldor has had, and continues to have, an extraordinary life. He is a driven attorney and had the honor of serving over twelve years as a volunteer California Superior Court Judge Pro Tem. He has also had the privilege of serving several years as a volunteer prosecutor. In his spare time, he volunteered over twenty years as a litigator fighting for victims of domestic violence in New York and California. In the entertainment industry he has enjoyed a career as a multi-award-winning independent feature filmmaker, producer, director, actor, stand-up comic, author, and screen writer, He is most proud of his intelligent, magnificent, and beautiful wife and partner, as well as his two extraordinarily gifted, talented, and gorgeous daughters.
As a child he dreamed of joining the Air Force to serve his country, as his father had done in the Air National Guard. However, in 1984 at just 16 years old, he experienced a devastating airplane crash that would dramatically alter the course of his life. Against all odds, he survived. And yet only after confronting death, did he learn how to truly live.

This is his story, told in his own words, and in his own voice.
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Editor: Barbara Joy D'Antonio
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Barbara’s passion for writing has led to many interesting endeavors over the years, but none quite as fascinating and rewarding as editing "The Gift" for her dear friend Laurence. She is honored to be a part of this journey and thrilled that this message can now be shared with so many.
Barbara is a Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor, Life Coach, Yoga and meditation instructor, educator, and speaker as a catalyst for change in an ever-increasingly toxic world.  It is her passion to help her clients unlock their potential, listen to the innate wisdom of their bodies, and receive their birthright of health and happiness. With 16 years of teaching Kindergarten behind her, she now finds joy homeschooling her amazing teenagers and treasures every moment of life with her brilliant and talented husband.
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